Alcohol-based products have long been a leading recommendation for sanitization by the CDC, FDA and WHO. However, in addition to a severe shortage of ABHS (Alcohol-based hand sanitizer) due to a global pandemic, most people do not realize that ABHS only works for a maximum 2 minutes following application. With Germ Ready’s formulation and FDA-approved active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, we guarantee up to 6 hours of protection in just under 15 seconds. Here are some other benefits of choosing an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

1. Safe, non-flammable formula.

The higher the percentage of alcohol, the more flammable it becomes. This risk is higher than ever right now, with recent reports of hand sanitizer-related fires & injuries making headlines. These accidents can cause lifelong injuries and even death. With non-alcohol hand sanitizers like Germ Ready, which is also fragrance and dye-free, you don’t have to worry about product on your skin catching fire or exploding in a hot car.

Fun fact: Higher temperatures can cause alcohol to evaporate, decreasing the effectiveness of alcohol-based sanitizers.

2. Does not dry out your skin.

With workplace precautions put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic for industries such as hospitality, restaurants & banking, people are applying sanitizer to their hands much more frequently than usual. Alcohol strips skin of its natural oils, resulting in dry, cracked hands & in some cases open wounds, causing more harm than good. With Germ Ready and other alcohol-free sanitizers, you can apply as needed without risk of dry skin. Even more, Germ Ready’s formulation includes ingredients that will actually moisturize your skin.

3. Prevents alcohol poisoning.

In addition to being flammable, alcohol-based sanitizers are toxic & can lead to alcohol poisoning and even death when consumed. All of our ingredients are non-toxic and safe for all skin, so you can send your kid to school protected & worry-free.

4. Kills 99.99% of germs & viruses in 15 seconds.

With just one 15-second application, Germ Ready will kill & protect you from 99.99% of all germs and viruses, including the coronavirus. With alcohol-based sanitizer, you would need to apply product every time you touched a door handle, keyboard, car door, or groceries for it to be even half as effective as our clinically proven formula. Learn more about our formulation & view the list of top viruses Germ Ready kills here.

5. No water needed

With no need for water or a towel to dry off, Germ Ready is convenient for on-the-go protection. Just one pump of product rubbed between the hands for 15-30 seconds & you are completely protected for 6 hours.

Updated 12/15/2020: 150ml available on Amazon!

To learn more about Germ Ready, go to www.germready.com.

*While Germ Ready is non-flammable, we cannot guarantee that all other non-alcohol sanitizers are non-flammable.

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